Event Calendar

The Town of Chicog is a lively community. At present, we offer various types of recreational programs and sports activities. We have presented the complete event calendar below. Please take a look.  

(Note: Using the Calendar below and clicking on the event, you may get more detailed information and allow you to copy into your calendar.)

  • MONTHLY TOWN MEETING 2nd Wednesday of the month a 7:00 PM
  • The next Town Board Meeting will be March 10th 2021

  • Meet the Candidates - March 13 2021 10 AM to 12PM - Town Hall

  • Audit for Town of Chicog - March 17 2021 10 AM - Town hall

  • All Town of Chicog landowners are ESG members. Contact Terri Corrie at 715 466 4129  - Check "News" page for any updated info.

Feel free to External link opens in new tab or windowcall us if you have questions about our upcoming events.