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The Town of Chicog is a lively community. At present, we offer various types of recreational programs and sports activities. We have presented the complete event calendar below. Please take a look.

08-16,2017 - Monthly town meeting - 7:00 PM - town hall

10-07,2017 - Retirement party for Brad Harrison - town hall

10-08,2017 - {fire prevention week} CFD pancake breakfast

11-18, 2017 - Annual hunters feed

12-07 and 12-14, 2017 - begin walk-a-bout season from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. No sessions on

12-21 and 12-28, 2017

04-21,2018 - Annual meeting - 10:00 AM




Annual Cemetery Clean-up


1.  Must be done by the week before Memorial Day.

2.  Rake & pick-up all winter debris.

3.  Haul away all debris.  Contact Town chairman for place & times.

4.  Remove any wreaths/flower arrangements.

5.  Contact the Cemetery Board if any Grave Stones/Markers need attention and/or fixed.

6.  Proof of Liability Insurance is required.


Town Hall Cleaning


1.    Proof of Liability Insurance is required.

2.    Sweeping and mopping of all floors to include the bathrooms, kitchen, Fire Department bathroom and main hall.

3.    Clean kitchen cabinet surfaces, counter tops and all appliance surfaces.

4.    cleaning of windows and sills inside and outside as needed.

5.    Clean all bathroom receptacles and mirrors.  Replace toilet paper, hand towels, bowl disinfectant and hand soap as needed.

6.    Vacuum bugs from windowsills and all light fixtures.

7.    Clean and disinfect tabletop surfaces.

8.    Cleaning once a month is required, after major events or by request of the Town.

Town Hall Grounds Maintenance

1.    Proof of Liability Insurance is required.

2.    Mowing of Grounds at least once a month or as conditions require or by request of the Town.

3.    All debris will be hauled away, i.e. grass clippings, sticks/limbs, leaves etc.

4.    Trimming/Weed whipping around all structures, trees, fences, etc. including inside and outside of the Generator fence.

5.    All debris to be cleaned of sidewalks, Drive and Parking lot.




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Feel free to call us if you have questions about our upcoming events.