April 2, 2019

The following are the official election results for the Town Election held on April 2, 2019:


Patrick W. Wilcox


Steve Loiselle


Susan Kowarsch


Teresa L. Corrie


Kathy Strohmeyer

Submitted by:

Teresa L. Corrie

Town Clerk

Town of Chicog

 We make it a point to keep our readers well informed about the latest happenings, news and laws related to The Town of Chicog. Please take a look below to learn about what is happening in our town.


On Thursday March 7th at 10 a.m. there will be a round table meeting discussion with Linda Hand from ADRC and Bob Olsgard, Transportation Coordinator, North Country Independent Living.  The meeting will be held at the Chicog Town Hall.  Transportation issues for older adults and people with disabilities in our rural communities will be discussed along with partnering ideas with Chicog’s Angels On Our Shoulder initiative.After the discussion a pot luck lunch will be served for all participants as part of Thursday’s weekly Walkabout.


The Washburn County Community Rights Alliance (WCCRA) is a citizens group who believes in our right to local community self government.  We believe in community rights over corporate rights.  We are now putting together a community rights law called a Climate Bill of Rights.  We feel that our community should have a say as to whether a non local corporation has the right to come into our community and potentially degrade and destroy the land.  After all we, along with future generations, have to live with the potential harms.

 ATV Etiquette

As I write this, we are fast leaving the winter of 2017-18 behind us. While there is still some snow in the forecast, the sun is higher, the days are warmer, and the snow is starting to melt. Soon we will put away the snowmobiles, skies, and ice fishing gear, and start bringing out our boats, summer fishing tackle, picnic supplies, and yes: the ATV’s will also start showing up in larger numbers.

We are lucky to reside in beautiful northern Wisconsin where there are a great many opportunities for recreational riding. There are numerous ATV and snowmobile trails that are open to the public. Several years ago, the Chicog town board decided that since northern Wisconsin is the mecca of ATV riding, it should not be a hassle to access the trails. Despite opposition from several fronts, the town board opened all Chicog town roads to ATV travel. This made it possible for all ATV riders to get to Chicog businesses and trails without trailering your vehicle.

So far, so good! But here’s the problem. While the vast majority of riders appreciate and respect this privilege, there are those who abuse it. A large percentage of Chicog’s roads are dirt and sand, and a small percentage of riders find it necessary to spin their tires and tear up these roadways, especially at the intersections. The repair of these spots is both time consuming and costly. If you have ever done this intentionally, please make a commitment not to do it again. If you have kids who ride on our roads, please ask them to refrain from spinning tires, and talk to the people you ride with and explain to them that this practice is unacceptable.

The town board has discussed this at length, and if it continues, our only recourse is to close all township roads to ATV travel. We don’t want to do this. Our goal is to make Chicog a place where people can come to and enjoy the outdoors. So I’m asking those of you who like to ride, please talk to your kids and friends who also ride. Explain to them what is happening and ask for their help, and if you see people damaging our roads, please turn them in. As so often happens in this world, the negligent actions of a few can spoil a good thing for everyone.


The Town of Chicog free library is now open at the town hall. It is located on the west side of the building under the canopy. There is  pretty good selection of books including some children's  books.
There is no charge for these books and no time limit on how long you can keep them. We only ask that, if possible, when you take a book, you leave a book .


Rental of the town hall for personal use is the responsibility of the town treasurer. Please contact Kathy Strohmeyer to reserve the hall for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


IRS Scams: IRS never does phone calls to inform people if they are in the rear with income tax payments; instead they send you a formal letter. So if you are receiving a phone call from the IRS, it is a scam. Do not listen or do anything they are asking you.

Washburn County CodeRED: Head to this website, and look for CodeRED emblem. Click on it and sign up for coverage through this easy way. More details at this website. Also call Milly Thissen (612.670.8541) and give her permission to sign you up and she will do so you have the benefits of CodeRED.


    Keep alert for any suspicious activities in the area. If you see anything that looks suspicious, call the Washburn County Sheriff's Department. Let's keep an eye out for all our neighbors.


    At every monthly town meeting we have a public input segment, where you, the landowners of Chicog, can express your ideas and suggestions to the town board. It is also an outlet for any concerns you may have about what is happening around town. We are aware that only a small number of residents and landowners are able to attend these monthly meetings, so many of your ideas and concerns never reach the town board. Beginning now, you can e-mail your input to me at and I will present your ideas at the meeting. The more ideas we hear, the better we are able to address the wants, needs, and concerns of the people of Chicog.


    RSVP Transport has expanded their program and will now pick up seniors in Chicog Township and take them to and from the grocery store. Call 715-635-4460 for schedule and/or to make a reservation.

    $200.00 REWARD

    There has been an issue with vandalism to town property in Chicog. We have had several road signs either knocked down, stolen, or shot up. The town will pay a $200.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for this or any other damage to town property. Please contact a board member if you have information.


    If you need help around the yard either removing snow or cleaning up the yard, contact the Washburn County Unit on Aging. Or you can call Pastor Patrick at the Wesleyan Church in Spooner at 715-635-2768.


    The Town of Chicog has setup an e-mail list to alert residents of Chicog of happenings within our town. If you would like to be added to this list, send your e-mail address to Steve Loiselle at


    The Chicog Volunteer Fire department is always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining, contact Jim Frascefski at


    Chicog Township is zoned. Zoning laws are enforced through Washburn County. If you plan on building in our township, visit the Zoning Office at the Washburn County courthouse in Shell Lake and make sure everything is in order. Also, keep in mind that building permits are required
    in Chicog.


    Your town board is dedicated to helping the people of Chicog in any way possible. However, please keep in mind that they have private lives as well. If you need to contact a board member, please do so between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. E-mails can be sent at any time, but may only be responded to during business hours. The board appreciates your co-operation on
    this matter.

    If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to Terri Corrie or call at 715-466-4129. We appreciated your interest in keeping the Town of Chicog informed and safe!

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