Here are the numbers for the 2020 summer of the dropped ZM plates and specific lakes:

Pear Lake has 3 plates

Twin Lake has 6 plates

McClain Lake has 3 plates

Matthew Lake had 4 plates.

Chicog Lake has zero plates because the landowner did not come up this summer because of pandemic.

Matthew Lake still has their decontamination station up and brunning.

Ed Rhodes will be the lead for the CAISC committee. Contact info is External link opens in new tab or and 715-305-4726. He has some extra plates just in case someone new/landowner is interested in dropping a plate from his/her dock.

 Zebra Mussels - Decontamination

We have two decontamination stations in Chicog, (see below) Matthew Lake and Lower McKenzie Lake, and we are required to follow the decontamination law as well as to encourage our visitors with boats to do the same. We need to know the decontamination law for Washburn & Burnett County which became law earlier this year. The law is, “Boaters are required to decontaminate their boats before entering a water body if a decontamination facility (see enclosed picture of this decontamination station) is at the landing where boaters are putting in. This may consist of removing the weeds off the boat and doing a high pressure/high heat power wash, bleach wash, or other process that is indicated by the signage”. Please process the weed removal and bleach wash at both of these boat landings with decontamination stations.

You will find the explanation of the bleach wash by reviewing the  “Ways to Zap Zebra Mussels” brochure below.

During the June 22, 2018 Northwestern Wisconsin Lakes Conference, Dr. Mike McCarthy from the University of MN Research advised us not to move used docks and lifts from another lake into our lakes during the months of May to November. And if you do move this equipment during these months, please make sure to have it power washed with140 degrees hot water high pressure washer spray before bringing to the boat landing and dropping it in your lake. He mentioned that they believe that Zebra Mussels do detached from established settings when introduced into new waters.

Keep in mind that Zebra Mussels can live on a boat, lift, or dock out of water for five days in dry weather and up to 30 days in wet weather.

Another report from Dr. Mike McCarthy at the Northwestern Wisconsin Lakes Conference is that “having boat landing inspectors is critical and is effective in keeping the Aquatic Invasive Species out, especially the Zebra Mussels, by doing weed removal and the bleach wash on a continuous basis.” We need to encourage everyone using our lakes to do the inspection and bleach wash whether an inspector is present or not.

Additional readings: Washburn County Lakes & Rivers Association External link opens in new tab or ; Burnett County Lakes and Rivers Association External link opens in new tab or

Links to Other Sites for Zebra Mussel Information  

The Wisconsin DNR general facts, External link opens in new tab or window

Good source of information about Zebra Mussels: External link opens in new tab or window

“Washburn-Burnett Counties Mobilizing Against Zebra Mussels”. External link opens in new tab or window

To see a video how to identify ZM on your dock: External link opens in new tab or window

Basic Facts from USGS: External link opens in new tab or window

Living on the lake may bring family and friends with their boats to enjoy your lake. Do you know where to send your friends and family members who are bringing their boat to spend time on your lake so that they wash their boat if they have been in any of the areas where the red dots show in this website External link opens in new tab or window

External link opens in new tab or window

Page 3 has the Zebra Mussel Life Cycle.

External link opens in new tab or window

Good video on the effects of ZM.

External link opens in new tab or window

Good video on facts and consequences of ZM

“Protect Your Boat and Engine from Zebra Mussels” if you are in an infested lake, External link opens in new tab or window

Zebra Mussel control procedures. Here is a list:

Burnett County: Dave Ferris 715.349.2186 Burnett County Land & Water; Bob Baker 715.349.8009 Burnett County Lakes & Rivers Association.

Washburn County: Lisa Burns 715.468.4654 Washburn County Land & Water; Cathie Erickson 715.865.4406 Washburn County Lakes & Rivers Association.

DNR Wisconsin: Report ZM potential sightings to Kris Larsen 715.635.4072; Another ZM DNR personnel - Pamela Toshner 715.635.4073

US Fish & Wildlife: Dave Wedan 608.783.8435