Town Board Meeting

January 13, 2021

1. The Town Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

2. Pledge of allegiance was recited.

3. Roll call: All Present

4. Treasurer’s Report was given as follows all balances as of December 31, 2020:

Checking Account: Beginning balance - $37,802.76, outstanding checks - $3,351.91, includes interest of $1.55,

Final working balance – $34,450.85

Money Market Account: $239,462.31 includes interest of $150.33

Highway Equip. Maintenance Account - $8,924.07

Including quarterly interest of: $2.53

Tax Account - $337,506.11

Outstanding checks not included in the outstanding check total due to being paid in 2021 from the 2020 budget:


11284 $62,585.00

11368 $42,000.00

Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

5. Chairman’s Report:

a. Immediately following the nine day gun deer season rumors of cabin break-in’s started surfacing in the Webb Lake area. Word to the wise; be vigilant of your surroundings and report suspicious activities to the authorities.

b. I want to thank the trash that left the trash on South Twin boat landing this week. Kind of hard to miss a black plastic bag of garbage in a white snow bank. You mean to tell me that it made it that far and couldn’t find its way to your garbage container. “You disgust me” and I’m being nice.

c. apparently we’ve made a big noise on this issue of ATV/UTV’s and well we should. I’m hearing that the town’s published letter of possible restrictions is being shared and liked in Facebook format (I do not subscribe or follow Facebook) but I am starting to receive correspondence to the issue of damage to town roads from other municipalities and an overwhelming approval to restrictions as a solution to the problem. The Town of Swiss and the Township of Blaine are having the same problems and are trying to get the county to step up for help, with little help so far. I learned a term from a movie: “Occam’s razor” which states usually the easiest solution tends to be the right one. If you have a problem then take the problem out of the equation. To add to this snowmobilers are losing their privileges and access to some of the trails through private properties and losing miles of trails. Once again abuse it and lose it.

What’s wrong with you people???

d. I will ask and remind PLEASE do not plow snow across town roads. If snow ridges on the road freeze they “first” can cause dangerous conditions to public travel, second it can cause wear and damage to the town’s equipment. This is a DAGEROUS PRACTICE and would be a sad lesson learned if someone were to be injured due to these circumstances.

e. Highway: The Town has moved on to clearing the right of way on Bramer Rd. be cautious while traveling this route and expect some delays as we clear trees and debris from the road surface. Work will progress as long as the weather holds out. Christensen Rd. has been cleared in anticipation of surfacing this spring. These two roads are in major need of being repaired.

6. Correspondence:

a. SBA the company that leases the property from us and manages the cell tower stays in contact with me. There are multiple businesses that contact the town wanting to buy out the lease and SBA has been given the first chance of buy out If we so choose. So far our lease status has served us well and no plans of an immediate buy out are being entertained.

b. Annual bridge inspection report from DOT and Washburn County Highway Department. Minor maintenance to culverts on Rasmussen Rd. mostly brushing channel around culvert ends.

     7. Short Term Rental (STR) License Thedens:

Postponed by request of the attorney for the Thedens’ due to recording issues.

8. Quote to retro fit lighting fixtures in the Fire Hall:

a. the lights in the Fire Hall are starting to go. Mostly it is the light bulbs that need to be replaced, but these bulbs are hard to find. We requested a quote from TJ Electric on retro fitting the lights to LED. Quote is for $ 1,420.00. (for a copy of the quote contact Town Clerk).

b. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to accept the bid and update the lights in the Fire Hall. Motion passed.

9. Committee Reports:

Fire Department – Brad Harrison:

a. The Fire Department will be out on the lakes over the winter with the Hoover Craft for practice. This is required training. It may look like we are acting up but we are training for all kinds of situations. Remember the life we are trying to save may be yours.

b. the winter season is here please check your chimneys for buildup; also check your CO detectors to make sure they are in good working order.

c. We have received PPE from the County to help with the need during this pandemic.

10. Public Input:

a. Jon Mulliner: Why did the property tax increase so much? Terri Corrie: There are several reasons 1. We increased the Tax Levy and 2. The Town’s assessed value decreased from $105,809,200.00 in 2019 to $100,881,800.00 in 2020. Mr. Mulliner: Why was the Levy increased? Terri Corrie: Due to loans for the Highway equipment been placed on the Levy. The Town hasn’t had to place the loans on the Levy till this year because we have had a buildup of money. Now this year we don’t anticipate the same amount of revenue as in previous years.

b. Lorilee Krings: Is there any way I can get a copy of the last several years budget paper work? Terri Corrie: Yes I can email you what I have on the computer.

11. The next Town Board Meeting will be February 10, 2021

12. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve and pay bills 11359 thru 11393 and -2920 thru -3020. Motion passed.

13. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed

14. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.