Town Board Meeting

May 13, 2020

1. The Town Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

2. Pledge of allegiance was recited.

3. Roll call: All present

4. Treasurer’s Report was given as follows all balances as of April 30, 2020:

Checking Account: Beginning balance - $32,759.66, outstanding checks - $1,807.46, Final working balance - $30,952.20 includes interest of $5.39

Money Market Account: $298,530.80 includes interest of $207.86

Highway Equip. Maintenance Account - $13,281.24

Tax Account - $298.00

Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

5. Chairman’s Report:

a. The Town’s Dump has been a privilege to our town’s residence to e open for yard debris disposal. It has been addressed as to the discontinuance of construction materials due to sharp foreign objects that can do damage to the Town’s Maintenance vehicle tires. The dump has been recently closed due to abuse. We will try one more time opening this site and will not allow abuse. This site will be monitored by camera and periodic inspections. Any vandalism or theft will be dealt with accordingly.

b. At the dump large piles of red pine chips have accumulated and are accessible to the public.

c. I feel like I am preaching to the choir on the issue of vandalism to road signs and road surfaces. Grow up people these are your tax dollars being expended for repairs and replacements. Please contact the Town Board if you have information on these activates and persons involved.

d. Work is being done on Christensen Road from Martin Road west to het Heartwood Conference Center’s property line. Reshaping, ditching, culverts and gravel within the 4 rod right of way in conjunction to paving this section later this fall.

e. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Bowe family in the passing of father and husband Dale Bowe. The family has been a long staple of involvement and support in our township.

f. We have had garbage and trash dumped on some of your dead-end roads these last couple of weeks. This is people being too lazy and cheap to haul their trash to the proper disposal area. Remember when you are caught you will be fined by the Town.

6. Correspondence:

a. Tom Gangnon from Monarch Paving was asking which road(s) are being addressed for paving this year in preparation of bids. Asphalt plant will be back this fall in Spooner.

b. Steve received a response from the town email that was sent out about the Dump. The individual who dumped the construction wood at the site apologized about it. He was not aware of the restrictions. He has made a $100.00 donation to the town to help cover any cost.

7. Short Term Rentals:

a. Discussion on this topic was held with information, questions and answers Board and electors present.

b. Motion made by Pat Wilcox and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to develop and adopt a short Term rental ordinance. Motion passed

c. A committee will be formed with Wendy Streiff and committee chair. Other committee members at this time are Pat Shifferd, Pat Wilcox, Steve Loiselle, and Terri Corrie at this time. Other members are welcomed.

8. Dates for Board of Review:

a. The 1st BOR meeting will be June 8, 2020 at 10am at the Town Hall. This meeting is to fulfill State Status requirements. We will be adjuring to the dates.

b. Open book: June 27, 2020 at 10 am at the Town Hall

c. Board of Review – July 18, 2020 at 10 am at the Town Hall. Please remember that to present a complaint to the Board of Review you need an appointment and paperwork. Please contact the Town Clerk.

9. Set date for the Road Inspection:

May 18, 2020 at 10 am at the Town Hall.

10. Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) Membership:

Discussion on continuing to belong to the WTA. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Susan Kowarsch to remain a member of the WTA. Motion passed.

11. Set Clean-up date:

The date for the Town clean-up is now August 29, 2020 from 8am to 4 pm. Further information will be put out closer to that date.

12. Disbursement of donation money from Monarch Paving:

The ESG/AOS programs were given a donation of $2,500.00 from Monarch Paving in January 2020. Discussion follows on how we wish to divide this donation up. Motion made by Pat Wilcox and seconded by Steve Loiselle to divide the money as follows: ESG-$2,000.00 AOS-$500.00 Motion passed.

13. Discuss Christensen Road Project:

a. We have started to clear the right of ways on Christensen Road. Bid notice for graveling, culverts and road build up are going in the paper. We will be paving the last section of this road when it is finished.

b. Town Clerk was asked if there was enough money in the 2020 roads budget to pave all of Christensen Road this year. Terri stated that she did not have the figures to say. Decision tabled until next meeting.

14. Security Camera System update:

Having been discussed at serval meetings with no new information to add Steve Loiselle mad a motion to upgrade the Town’s security system with ADT to include outside cameras seconded by Susan Kowarsch. Motion passed.

15. Committee Reports:

a. Fire department: Brad Harrison

1. We have had several assist calls with Minong this passed month.

2. The Water Rescue Boat is on back log at the moment due to Corvid 19

b. ESG: Terri Corrie

1. See public input from Jean Loiselle

2. We will be having a meeting to discuss Hunter’s Feed

c. Cemetery: Terri Corrie

As of today I have not been notified if there will be a Memorial Day ceremony at the Cemetery or not will sent out the information as soon as I know.

16. Public Input:

a. Jean & Steve Loiselle: We have taken over the writing of the Chicog News article in the Spooner Advocate any and all suggestions, news, upcoming events or things that you think should go in the article please let us know.

b. There will be a good bye/thank you drive by for Milly Thissen on sat May 16th. We will meet at the Town Hall at 9:15 am line up & follow the Fire Trucks to drive by her house.

17. The next Town Board Meeting will be June 10, 2020

Annual Meeting has been rescheduled to July 25, 2020 at 10am at the Town Hall.

18. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve and pay bills/checks numbers -720 thru -820 and 11108 thru 11141. Motion passed.

19. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed

20. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.