Town Board Meeting

February 10, 2021

1. The Town Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

2. Pledge of allegiance was recited.

3. Roll call: All Present

4. Treasurer’s Report was given as follows all balances as of January 31, 2021:

Checking Account: Beginning balance - $37,239.80, outstanding checks - $29,628.39, includes interest of $3.06,

Final working balance – $7,611.41

Money Market Account: $209,592.61 includes interest of $130.30

Highway Equip. Maintenance Account - $8,924.07

Tax Account - $659,204.67

Outstanding checks not included in the outstanding check total due to being paid in 2021 from the 2020 budget:


11284 $62,585.00

Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

5. Chairman’s Report:

a. A meeting was held 2-3-21 2 7pm at the Siren Government Center in Burnett County. Topic of discussion: Damage to local highways, infrastructures due to abuse from personal recreational vehicles (ATV’s, UTV's). Some of those attending either in person or by phone were; Legislative Representatives, Burnett County Law Enforcement, Burnett County Towns association chairman, Several Burnett County Township representatives, Brian Abbott of the Minong Trails Club, Burnett County Highway Commissioner, Steve Loiselle and myself. A quote from the Burnett County Sheriff “hi job is to cover all of Burnett County but is only able to patrol the northwest quadrant due to restraints and that 95% of his citations with ATVs, UTVs & snowmobiles are non-residents. The short of this meeting was: Is there a solution to the problem? Ideas: Increase trail pass fees, increase registration fees, increase size of the registration sticker for identification visibility, possibly increase the number of County Forest trails/routes to take the burden off town roads. No solution was determined but several towns’ officials reconsidering closing town roads to ATV, UTV travel and in remembering this was a privilege extended by these towns and not expecting such an increase of popularity in this recreation. All members commented that it would be a shame to have to remove this privilege but law has to be returned to the wild west. We have approximately three months before this issue will raise its ugly head again.

b. Winter Maintenance: Plowing is determined at approximately 2 in. of sown fall and we rotate staring locations west to east. Severe storms may dictate delaying plowing until the storm is over and ultimately leaving that to the discretion of authorities or road supervisor. Salting and Sanding of roads demand when necessary and again by decision of authorities or road supervisor.

c. Plowing snow across town highways” The practice of leaving plies of snow across or on public highways after plowing of private driveways or parking lots creates a hazard to public travel and creates a problem for snow plowing operations and can lead to the persons responsible to be held liable for personal injuries or property damage. Per Wis Statutes 86.01 and 346.97, it is illegal for persons to leave or deposit any material on the traveled portions of any highway not closed to public travel, fines no less than $10 and up to $200 for persistent or repeated violations may be levied by the Town. This is an issue of highway and public safety and the Chicog Board and Highway Department request your cooperation in curtailing this practice.

6. Correspondence:

a. The Town Clerk was contacted by Rural Mutual Insurance Company in reference to a policy quote for the Town & Fire Department. She had talked with an agent last year at one of the WTA classes. Due to when policies are renewed no action was taken at that time. Would the Board like to get a quote from Rural Mutual? All Board members are in agreement for a quote

b. An email from the Strieffs sent to the Town board was requested to be read at the meeting. Email was read and attached to minutes.

7. Thedens Short Term Rental (STR) License Appeal:

a. The appeal was attended by

Michael Kelsey- Attorney for Thedens

Michael Thedens

Connie Thedens

Jeffery Kohler – Attorney for the Town

Chicog Town Board

Chicog Town Clerk

b. Mr. Kohler started off by informing the Board what an appeal is, how it should be conducted and a written decision is needed. He also had some questions for the Town Clerk that were answered. Mr. Kohler has talked with Washburn County Zoning in reference to Short Term Rentals needing a Conditional Use Permit. At this time Washburn County does not require a Conditional Use Permit for Short Term Rentals.

c. Mr. Kelsey presented 12 exhibits to the Board with comments on each exhibit.

d. Rebuttal comments from Mr. Kohler.

e. After further discussion from the Attorneys and Town Board the Maintenance & Use agreement is what seems to be the problem. Mr. Kelsey states that the use agreement part is covered by the access easement granted upon purchase of the property.

f. Town Chairman asked Mr. Kohler if requiring a maintenance agreement on an easement it legal or not. Mr. Kohler answered that he is not sure.

g. Comments made by Sue Kowarsch.

h. Town Clerk pointed out that the Maintenance & Use Agreement does not just cover driveways it also pertains to private roads.

i. no other comments appeal is closed.

j. Roll Call vote is taken to approve or disallow appeal at this time:

Town Chairman Pat Wilcox – Disallow appeal

1st Supervisor Steve Loiselle – Disallow appeal

2nd Supervisor Sue Kowarsch – Disallow appeal

Appeal is denied

8. Set date for the Town’s Audit Meeting: Audit meeting will be March 17, 2021 at 10 am at the Chicog Town Hall.

9. Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts will be posted in accordance to State Status. Town Clerk request permission to post in the Wild Rivers North again this year. Permission granted.

10. New Bank Account:

Town Clerk: Due to the Patriot Act we can no longer designate who goes on the Town’s Bank Accounts by position only.

Motion made by Patrick Wilcox and seconded by Steve Loiselle that the following individuals will be on the new account to be called the 5 Year Replacement account:

Town Clerk – Teresa L. Corrie

Town Treasurer – Kaylen Pope-Strohmeyer

Town Chairman – Patrick Wilcox

2nd Supervisor – Susan Kowarsch

11. Committee Reports:

ESG – Steve Loiselle:

On Thursday February 18, 2021 from 1 pm to 3 pm we will be at the Town Hall for you to come & see everyone. Masks and social distancing will be required. There will be no food or drinks provided. Milly will be here for it. Come out and say Hi.

12. Public Input:

a. Sandy Christenson – Is it possible to have some sort of a meeting with the candidates running for the Town Board where we can talk with them? All candidates are present: the Town will open the Town Hall on March 13, 2021 from 10 am to 12 pm for people to come talk to the candidates.

b. Comments from William Dubek, Bob Strieff on Short Term Rentals.

13. The next Town Board Meeting will be March 10, 2021

14. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve and pay bills 11394 thru 11424 and -0121 thru -0221. Motion passed.

15. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed

16. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.