Town Board Meeting

January 8, 2020

1. The Town Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

2. Pledge of allegiance was recited.

3. Roll call: All present.

4. Treasurer’s Report was given as follows all balances as of December 31, 2019:

Checking Account: Beginning balance - $34,127.80, outstanding checks - $779.09, Final working balance - $33348.71 includes interest of $5.63

Money Market Account: $206,632.63 includes interest of $184.44

Highway Equip. Maintenance Account - $13,272.97

Includes Quarterly Interest of: $11.69

Tax Account - $303,744.68

Motion made by Sue Kowarsch and seconded by Steve Loiselle to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

5. Chairman’s Report:

a. I welcome you all to a new year!

b. I was notified that Howard Uhlom has returned home from the hospital. “Welcome Home Howard”

c. To those that may not be aware the formerly owned Heartwood conference center and retreat has been sold. We welcome Mr. Mark Wallskog of Webb Lake along with investors in the purchase of this property. The Town of Chicog wants to thank Heartwood’s management, staff and Thrivent Financial for their exceptional facilities and years of service in our community and support of the Town.

d. From time to time we receive requests for information/documents pertaining to legal actions addressed by the Town of Chicog Boards. The Town of Chicog was established and held it’s first town meeting in April 1902. Documents were obviously hand written in books and pieces of paper. Town meeting minutes, the assignment of Board and Election members, the raising of general funds, highway orders, etc. Hopefully documents and records are maintained and are still legible after all these years; however we all know what happens to papers, they start deteriorating. I have asked Rhonda Burish of On Q Solutions out of Wausau to look at addressing our historical records and placing them in a modern format to back up our history, organize said documents for retrieving them more readily. Ms. Burish came and looked at all the record books and lose files so she may submit an invoice to us for this service.

6. Correspondence:

a. Lodge Road dispute: I have had contact with Jeff Kohler and Rick Putzy of WI DOT about this dispute. Mr. Putzy is helping me find what is called Records of Recognition of Highway, when the State has Lodge Road listed as a Town road. We as a town would like to remain out of this action. Final determination will dictate legal end of this road and the town constructing a turnaround for equipment

b. Posting of the legal notices for the Annual Maintenance Contract bids. Discussion on required time limits and paper publishing dates followed. Sue Kowarsch brought up putting this in the papers that are mailed out to everyone. Do to State requirements the papers that fall into that category are not “official” newspaper for this type of posting. We can post in them along with the Spooner Advocate. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to post the bids in both the Spooner Advocate and the Wild River’s Advertiser for the week of Feb 13, 2020 with the notice been put on the Town’s website as soon as possible. Motion passed.

c. We have received an email from Monarch Paving stating that they would like to make a donation to the ESG & AOS programs.

d. The Treasurer’s Office will be closed on Saturday Jan 11, 2020 due to family business.

7. ADT Security:

a. Mr. Dennis Kenny is here from ADT to present and answer questions on the requested improvements to our security system. ADT now handles our security. Presentation and questions answered by Mr. Kenny. Motion made by Sue Kowarsch and seconded by Steve Loiselle to publish in the paper for security system for the town. Motion passed.

8. Operator’s License:

a. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve the Operator’s License for David M. Berrier. Motion passed.

9. Set Audit Date:

a. During discussion on when to have the audit it was brought up by Chairman Wilcox that he thought he remembered passing a motion that every 5 years we have an outside audit done. Kathy Strohmeyer agreed. Terri Corrie does not remember, but will check pervious minutes and take necessary action based on what is found. An audit date of March 30, 2020 at 3:00 pm is set if needed

10. Committee Reports:

a. ESG – Terri Corrie:

1. We had the first bus trip yesterday; I have not heard how it went.

2. Walkabout has been well attended. Everyone is welcomed; we meet every Thursday at 10 am at the Town Hall.

3. We are in the process on colleting cake mixes and frosting for donating to the COMFORTS Food Pantry. Please check the expiration date before you donate.

4. The walkabout group will be making Valentine Day cards for the senior center on Jan. 30, 2020 please come join us.

11. Public Input: None

12. The next Town Board Meeting will be February 12, 2020

13. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve and pay bills/checks numbers -2519 thru -2619 and 10978 thru 11015. Motion passed.

14. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed

15. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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