Town Board Meeting

February 12, 2020

1. The Town Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

2. Pledge of allegiance was recited.

3. Roll call: All present.

4. Treasurer’s Report was given as follows all balances as of January 31, 2020:

Checking Account: Beginning balance - $14,159.51, outstanding checks - $655.07, Final working balance - $13,504.44 includes interest of $8.66

Money Market Account: $206,799.35 includes interest of $166.72

Highway Equip. Maintenance Account - $13,272.97

Tax Account - $469,219.64

Motion made by Sue Kowarsch and seconded by Steve Loiselle to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

5. Chairman’s Report:

a. I was notified of a disturbing event which took place in the Town of Minong. I spoke with the Minong Town Clerk whom was the victim of the event. Seems a Chicog resident approached the clerk violently over a $5.00 garbage fee at the Minong Area Disposal. Violently meaning loud, arrogant, obnoxious; violently meaning in face to face proximity in anger and poking their finger into her chest over a $5.00 fee! This violence prompted Minong to keep their office door locked and secure behind a newly placed piece of bullet proof glass. To scare some one that bad is outrageous and unacceptable. We are servants of the public and “NOT” your personal whipping posts this is totally unacceptable behavior and not to be tolerated. Forcefully placing your finger into someone’s chest can result in assault charges being pressed. Further investigating will result with a name of the perpetrator. On behalf of the Town of Chicog I apologized to the Minong’s clerk for this violent act. There are peaceful ways to resolve almost any situation. Any member of the Town’s Board, staff and employees are advised to walk away from conflict and address matters in public Town meeting forum and if there were violent acts to contact the sheriff immedicably and to notify a board member. Violence is not and will not be tolerated!!!!!!!

b. TJ Electric has replaced the old existing fluorescent fixtures in the Maintenance Building with new LED fixtures. A much cleaner and cost efficient light source. They also placed the Emergency Shut-off Switch on our fuel tank. We now have two new LED security Lights in the front of the Town Hall/Fire Department too.

6. Correspondence:

a. A request for information dealing with short-term rentals/Airbnbs, Business districting and problems relating to increased traffic in privatized areas. Chicog abides by the Washburn County Zoning and ordinances “Voted down at County level”. Chicog designed a Comprehensive plan for the future of our community – Business districting, Subdivision, single dwelling property acreage sales, =Northwoods atmosphere= all of which Washburn County does not recognize but mandated years ago that townships comply with. (So no regulated enforcement) except these properties should be regulated by our state departments. This will become a future hot bed issue.

b. Washburn County Community Rights alliance Survey has been collected and is tallied. Please contact Pat Wilcox if you wish to know the results.

c. WITC has Board positions open. If you are interested the Town has been sent a packet.

d. WTA Town Association meeting last month was attended by Pat Wilcox and Sue Kowarsch. Information on the new fire number signs was put out. The whole County will be complete by 2022. Private Road signage was also discussed, Chicog is missing 13 signs. We will be looking into replacement signs.

7. Security System upgrade:

a. Sue Kowarsch will be looking into contacting security companies for more than just 2 price selections.

  1. Audit – Town Clerk:

a. Due to a comment made by Pat Wilcox at last month’s meeting I have checked the minutes, both typed and hand written, from 2014 and 2015 and have found no mention made about having an outside audit every so many years. The Town Chairman is not the only one who remembers this topic been brought up, I know I was the one who presented it originally to the Town Board. Based on this I have scheduled an outside audit for the 2019 books. Motion made by Sue Kowarsch and seconded by Steve Loiselle to have and outside audit every 5 years. Motion passed.

9. Committee Reports:

a. Fire Department - Brad Harrison:

1. Most of the fire Department members are going through training mandated by the State.

2. The Helipad has been used a lot this year. We have received complements on keeping cleaned off.

3. Rescue Air Boat is order at a cost of $55,912.50 this includes training.

4. We had a CO2 call; please remember to check your furnaces & any detectors in your home. If your CO2 detector goes off Don’t stay inside get out & call the Fire Department or 911 right away.

5. We will be having CPR recertification training on Wednesday February 19, 2020 at 5:30pm at the Town Hall. This training is open to the public at no cost as long as you do not wish to hold a CPR certification card.

b. ESG – Terri Corrie:

1. The Faith in Action Valentine’s Vignette was well attended. Several of the Town’s residents were present. The baskets we provided for the silent action when for between $20 to $35 dollars.

2. The Namekagon Bus Transit has been going good. Please keep using this service.

10. Public Input: Steve Loiselle – I will be here the first weekend of June this year to help out with the town Clean-up

11. The next Town Board Meeting will be March 18, 2020

12. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to approve and pay bills/checks numbers -0120 thru -0220 and 11016 thru 11047. Motion passed.

13. Motion made by Steve Loiselle and seconded by Sue Kowarsch to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed

14. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.