Welcome to Town of Chicog

Welcome Letter from Town Board 

The Town of Chicog extends its warm and hardy greetings!

You have choosen a fine place in which to reside or vacation/visit.

Allow us to tell you about our community!

The town of Chicog encompasses a total area of 45.6 square miles with approximately 2 square miles of water and 56.75 miles of local roads along with 15.79 miles of county forest roads.

Numerous lakes and streams enhance our topography with the jewel of our area. The Namekagon River, Ojibwa translation means a place abundant with sturgeons, is a designated National scenic waterway. It ribbons its way through the center of our community and provide water sports abound.

There are approximately 148,000 acres of timbered public lands in Washburn County awaiting the outdoor enthusiasts in all of us. There is something for everyone – fishing, hiking, biking, camping, hunting, trail riding, nature lovers, etc. If you take the time, Mother Nature will grab ahold of your heart and soul.

The town of Chicog is a peaceful community with an estimated 62.7% of our population between 45 to 65 years old. Don’t let that fool you as shakers and movers we are!

The town’s organizations are:

  • Chicog Emergency Support Group (ESG): An extension of the volunteer fire department who assist in emergency situations, fund raising, community events, monthly meetings, and the Walkabout Social.

  • Chicog Aquatic Invasive Species Committee (CAISC): An action group with interest in protecting and planning for the preservation of our precious lakes.

  • Angels on Our Shoulders (AOS): A newly-formed group in our infancy and in conjunction and guidance of Helping Hands, Washburn County Age & Disability Resource Center, and the Washburn County Faith in Action. This group has been designed to address issues and needs of our aging community with hope to aid in assistance and some dignity for people to remain in our homes as we age beyond our capabilities.

  • Wild Rivers Scenic Community Wildfires Protection Plan (CWPP): We live in the highest danger corridor for wildland fires in all of northwestern Wisconsin. CWPP origins are from the lessons that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) incorporated in battling the western wildfires. This organization deals with the protection, prevention and on-going action plans for public welfare and safety including Firewise communities.

Numerous activities line our calendar of events such as the Firefighters Summer Picnic & Waterfights, Firefighters October Pancake Breakfast, Town Clean-up Day, November Hunters Feed and the winter months Walkabout Social. There is something here for everyone in the town of Chicog and the surrounding communities.

For more information such as contact information, minutes of the town’s monthly meetings, and events calendar, you want to go to our website, www.townofchicog.com and through the Minong Area Chamber of Commerce, www.minongchamber.com

We look forward in greeting you and hope you will find interest in our community.